My name is Angelo Granell, I am a graduate of Hallmark Institute of Photography.  My passion is to show emotion and life experience through my photography. To show the real you. My goal is to spark  emotions within you. I also like to be able to capture the essence of the person I'm photographing. Being able to make someone comfortable and show their individuality through my image, makes me succesful. I think of myself as a people person and I have a way of showing a person's true colors. The best feeling in the world is making someone smile through my photography. Growing up by the beach and places to hike molded me into a real outdoors person. I love taking images of people outside and creating  a natural, earthy feel to all of my work. I try and capture an airy and natural essence in my images. I hope you enjoy my work. Thank you for taking the time to check out my images. 

© 2017 Angelo Granell